Get to the heart of your content.

You: A busy marketing manager, director, producer, or CMO.

Me: Writer, editor, interviewer, storyteller, content consultant for brands such as Okta, Skyword, Lyft Business, The Timken Company, One Network, and others.

I’ve been writing about technology since the dot-com bubble. My specialty: Turning complex B2B messaging into clear, crisp marketing content that gets to the heart of what your customers care about. I’m also good with voices.

I stay busy because I’m good at what I do, I communicate well, I think things through, and I’m slightly OCD about deadlines and professional presentation.

My clients inspire me, keep me focused, and make it possible for me to live my dreams. If you would like to be one of those, please shoot me an email: words (at)

I’m currently making the transition from solo artist to writing agency, so I’m also looking to clone myself.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to see samples of my work and read client and colleague recommendations. I also tweet occasionally.

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Join my team.

I have great clients. Help me keep them happy.

Over the past seven years, I’ve built a solid and diverse slate of clients in the marketing and technology field. Next step: Build a solid and diverse team of writers, to help me serve those clients and continue building my business.

If you’ve proven your value as a B2B marketing writer on a corporate team, and you’ve thought about going solo, this is a golden opportunity. If you’re already working as a contract writer and are looking to grow your business, that’s even better.

Is this you?

  • You think and write clearly and concisely. You get a thrill out of making a sentence or a word shorter and more to-the-point.
  • You’re creative and know how to tell a good story, no matter how “dry” the subject matter might initially appear. You can say the same thing any number of different ways.
  • You’re a great writer, which means you’re always refining your craft. You aim for perfection in every draft you send out—but you expect constructive feedback.
  • You always, always read the brief—before, during, and after completing a new draft, before you hit “send.” You might even print that draft out to read it over, because you know you’ll see things differently than you would on-screen.
  • You take feedback professionally and well, always with the assumption that your client knows the subject matter, the audience, and the internal politics better than you do.
  • When it’s time to push back on client feedback, you do so with courtesy, intelligence, and humor.
  • You have a basic understanding of business, and you’re good a building and maintaining relationships.
  • You enjoy wrapping your head around complex ideas, but you’re not necessarily a techie. This is not technical writing—it’s B2B marketing.
  • You’re naturally curious and good at asking questions. You’d rather ask a “dumb” question (no such thing) than write something that makes no sense in your own head.
  • You have the ability in a world of increasing distraction to settle in and do focused work for several hours at a time, on a regular basis.

What it will look like:

You’ll work on a mostly hourly basis from the comfort of your own home office, starting with 6-8 hours a week and working up from there. Rate to be negotiated, based on experience. To begin, we will work together on a contract basis.

In a perfect world, you’ll work closely with me over the next decade to help build a top-tier writing agency so we can all have the lives we’ve always dreamed of. In an even more perfect world, you’ll join me in making north-central Montana your home, so we can help build the economy of the area and maybe see each other in person once in a while.

To apply, please send the following to words (at)

  • A cover letter
  • A resume
  • Three samples of your work in the area of B2B technology marketing
  • Three work references

Please be patient, and don’t be too discouraged if I take awhile to get back to you. Thanks!

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